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We are recognised as the all under one roof bathroom fitters in North Wales

How The Process Works:

From the first initial contact, we would arrange for a site meeting to look at your existing bathroom and discuss your ideas for your new bathroom, we provide you with a number of bathroom brochures to browse through

We offer our expert advice with the planning process from start to finish from helping you choose the right sanitary-ware and appliances for your given space and helping you source your new bathroom suite if you haven’t already done so.

Our Bathroom Suppliers – We have a number of trade bathroom suppliers that we use on a regular basis, our trade suppliers offer us great discount’s which we then pass on to our customers. We also use a number of online suppliers where we share links with our customers to help them choose the products they want for their bathroom.

The online suppliers we use have some great deals on complete bathroom suites where you can make some great savings rather than buying all your sanitary-ware separately.

Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings – Note that bathroom sanitary-ware does not always come with all the fixtures and fittings needed to complete the job such as bath panels, Taps, shower screens, Wastes etc.

Preparing The Bathroom For Ripping Out –
Our first job would be to rip out the old bathroom, this can sometimes reveal some nasty surprises such as rotten timbers to the floors and decayed damp walls that would need fixing up to a good standard before any new pipe-work goes in which is the next stage of the bathroom fitting process.

The Plumbing – When it comes to the bathroom plumbing, placement of your new sanitary-ware is crucial to get it right and to make sure everything fits perfectly before installing the new pipe-work.

The Appliances – Its crucial to get the measurements right from the off, all your chosen appliances would be double checked for accurate fitting where they are to be fitted in place.

When choosing appliances it’s a good idea to think about the space you have around each appliance in terms of legroom around the toilet, sink height, shower height and mirror height are the main ones to bear in mind.

Tiling or Bathroom Wall Cladding – We help you choose whats best suited to you and your budget when it comes to floor and wall coverings, Traditionally most bathrooms will have tiles to the floor and walls.

Bathroom wall cladding is another option is this day and age. it comes in all types of modern designs, its much easier to fit than laying tiles, it’s also much faster to fit than tiling.

We will provide samples of both ceramic floor & Wall tiles and bathroom wall cladding panels for you to have a look at what best suit’s your new bathroom design.

Tile Effect Wall panels image
Concrete effect wall panelling
Wall Panelling Tile Effect

Once we have covered all angles mentioned above, you have decided what bathroom appliances you want and made any changes you wanted it’s time to decide if you would like to book your installation date in with us.

Being one of the main bathroom fitters in North Wales we have a very busy schedule of works to stick to, Once your date is booked in with us we will be there on the time and date set between us with no excuses accepted.

We understand you need a toilet at all times in your home, we can make it work for you whilst your still living in the home. That Said!

“There are a number of things you need to bear in mind before booking in your date with us so things run smoothly and you are not left without a bathroom for too long” These include.

  1. Have your new bathroom suite ordered and on site
  2. Have your fixtures and fittings such as taps, shower mixer chosen and on site
  3. Have your tiles and/or wall cladding chosen and ordered or on site
  4. Have a skip ready (or a place for all the rubbish after the rip-out)

There is also a number of other things you will need to bear in mind when your new bathroom is being fitted like having no bathroom for a period of time, how long will it take to fit your bathroom etc.

We are very accommodating where we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are not without a bathroom for to long. It’s all in the planning and making sure to have everything needed on site before we arrive to do the rip out and the re-fit.

As we mentioned earlier, We could well come along some nasty surprises on the rip-out, this is usually hidden damp/rotten timbers etc, It just means we would have to source more materials to fix those nasty surprises should they arise. We recommend you keep a small contingency cost aside for unexpected problems we may face!

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Getting it wrong can mean a lot more than having to live with a mistake for the next few years, or perhaps even longer — it can be expensive and needlessly stressful.

Getting it right can make your home beautiful, functional and a place where you want to spend time.

We’ve put together some handy tips on how to make sure your bathroom renovation runs smoothly and efficiently — whether you’re looking for an entire home renovation or just a new bathroom.

Get organised and stay on budget with a detailed planning checklist:

Getting organised before you start a project is key to staying on budget and on schedule, and a planning checklist is essential for this. A planning checklist will help you get organised and detailed before you get started with a project, so that you don’t forget anything important.

Choose the right bathroom design:

When you’re choosing a bathroom design, it’s important to consider your bathroom’s layout and your budget. The function of the bathroom will help you determine the most important elements to focus on, like storage space, and the budget will help you determine what you can and can’t afford to have.You want to make sure your bathroom renovation is cost-effective, yet still stylish and functional.

Choose the right materials and fixtures

When you’re choosing materials for your bathroom, there are several things to keep in mind. One of them is durability. You want things that are made of durable materials that can stand the test of time. You don’t want to have to replace your furniture or appliances every few years because they’ve become damaged or broken because you chosen cheap sanitary-ware or vanity-ware.

Get expert advice when you’re not sure — or ask for OUR help when you need it

You can’t do everything yourself, so don’t try. You don’t know everything and you’re not expected to. Get our expert advice when you’re not sure and when you need help, ask for it. Just remember: It could take months if you try to do it yourself and soon become very stressful.


We offer free, no obligations quotes to all enquiries.

We provide you with bathroom brochures from our three main suppliers.

We then provide you with a detailed quote by email once you have chosen your bathroom appliances.

TEL – 07342 527696

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