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Spicer bathrooms offer a complete bathroom installation fitting service in North Wales, We offer supply and fit or a fitting only service should you want to purchase your own bathroom appliances.

Our service is solely dedicated to all aspects of bathroom fitting where No other tradesmen are going to be required to complete the job for you.We do it all…

  • We offer a free no obligation quote where we visit your premises to discuss your requirements. We then follow up with a detailed quote sent to you via email.
  • On arrival to view you bathroom, We provide you with a number of different brochures to our main three suppliers for you to browse through.
  • We briefly explain the steps in preparation for your new bathroom installation, You can learn more on each subject of the bathroom fitting process where we go into more detail below on the usual case scenarios when it comes to fitting bathrooms.

Bathroom Fitting Services In 7 Easy Steps:

1. Preparing The Bathroom

In most cases if not all cases the walls and floor will need to be prepared to fit a new bathroom, Once the old bathroom has been ripped out we look at the condition of your existing sub-floor and the condition of your existing walls, whether it be floorboards or concrete floors, stud plasterboard walls or solid walls.

Both these areas need to be structurally sound before installing anything but the new pipe-work, we tend to use waterproof marine ply to the floors and moisture resistant plasterboard to the walls, in some cases the walls will require tanking, bonding and plastering.

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2. Laying Your New Plumb Pipes & Doing Away With The Old

Once we have the old floor up and determined where you want to locate your new sanitary-ware such as bath, shower, toilet and sink,

We then start ripping out your old plumbing pipes and replacing the pipework with the new pipework to suit your new design layout.

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3. Re-Fitting The Floor & Walls “Level”

Once the new pipe-work is all in place it’s time to re-lay the sub-floor and level the walls ready for tiling or wall panelling.

Depending on each given scenario, the existing bathroom floor which is usually concrete or floorboards, for concrete floors we use self leveller, for floorboards we use waterproof marine ply.

Walls would need to be prepared depending on different scenarios usually plasterboard required or bonding and skimming to level up the walls ready for tiling or modern bathroom wall panelling.

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4. tiling & Wall Panelling

Now the floors and walls are prepared, Time to add tiles to finish the bathroom floor,

Then the bathroom tiles or wall panelling to the finish the walls.

We are expert tilers and specialise in bathroom wall panelling fitting.

5. Installing The SANITARY-WARE

Time to fit the bathroom suite on top of the newly laid floor including fitting the new toilet, sink, bath and shower.

Note, the bath is usually fitted before-hand once the walls and floor are in place, in some cases free standing baths would go directly on the new floor.

6. Fixtures And Fittings – Finishing touches

Bathroom fixtures and fittings such as taps, sink waste, bath waste, shower mixers, shower screens would then be fitted to your new sanitary-ware

Finishing touches like toilet roll holders, mirrors, toothbrush holder, soap holder etc can then be fitted in your chosen locations.

Silicone sealant application to all necessary areas of the newly fitted bathroom to finish.

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7. Fitting Electrical Appliances

Electric Shower – Usual case scenarios for the electrics in any bathroom would be an electric shower installation, though we do recommend a thermostatic shower if possible because they are much more efficient running off your existing hot and cold water feeds.

Lighting – an IPX4 or IP44 rated waterproof light fitting would be required to meet building regulations.

Shaver Plug – In some cases the man of the house may want an electric shaver installed in your new bathroom.

Vanity Cabinets – If your looking for a vanity cabinet above your sink then bear in mind that many come with spot lighting that would also need wiring in place to operate.

You must consider all these options when designing your new bathroom installation to avoid any pitfalls going forward.

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We offer free, no obligations quotes to all enquiries.

We provide you with bathroom brochures from our three main suppliers.

We then provide you with a detailed quote by email once you have chosen your bathroom appliances.

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